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Artist Spotlight

Welcome to our Artist Spotlight page, your gateway to discovering the talented artists featured weekly on our Instagram. Here, we celebrate diverse creators, showcasing their unique journeys and artworks. Each spotlight highlights the artist's story, creative process, and the inspiration behind their work. Click on any artist's picture to visit their website and explore their full portfolio. Join us in supporting and promoting these incredible artists, and get inspired by the vibrant world of contemporary art.


Introducing Emily Furr from Charleston, South Carolina! Her vibrant oil paintings combine unique, sculptural techniques with vivid colors, creating captivating and comfortable pieces. Check out her stunning work and celebrate her artistic journey with us!


Introducing Dylan Baker of Noose & Dagger from Gold Coast, Australia! His art combines 90s pop culture with traditional tattoo styles, featuring bold outlines and playful elements.
A Griffith University Graphic Design grad, Dylan loves creating pieces that bring smiles. With over eight years of experience, he’s now diving fully into his art journey.



We're excited to feature Lena Wolek! Inspired by the Siberian spirit and her upbringing on Lake Baikal's shores, Lena's ceramics blend creativity, survival skills, and a deep connection with nature. Her pottery, adorned with folk art-inspired caricatures, brings humor and joy to everyday life.


This week, we feature Stephan Zarmann, an artist who turns urban decay into stunning abstract art. Inspired by post-industrial landscapes in Germany and London, his work captures the transient nature of city life.


This week, we're featuring Meg Lumbar, an exceptional glass artist known for her detailed suncatchers, panels, and showpieces crafted with the copper foil method and fused glass techniques. From her cozy home studio in Chicago, Meg, a dedicated solo creator, handles every aspect of her business with the help of her loyal dogs, Tansy and Rory.


Meet Heidi Lanino, a master of expressive line and kinesthetic form, weaving art history into contemporary narratives. Her 'Folded Females' series, a testament to strength and vulnerability, echoes classical sculpture while embracing modern ideals. A Pratt Institute alum and former L'Oréal art director, Heidi's dedication to art education shines through her captivating work.

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